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motivation, and health to achieve all kinds of SUPER GAINS

We at Super Gains Pack want you to feel confident and informed when it comes to fitness and your body. The fitness world can be a difficult place to navigate if just starting out. We want to introduce you to a variety of different supplements and much more, to include motivation to have you fully engaged into the fitness world. If you’re already a fitness nut then you know that fitness goals are constantly changing. Being able to adapt with supplements at your side are essential parts of making those gains! Our goal is for our members to be healthy, happy, fit, and most of all, motivated to conquer any fitness goals they set for themselves.


Our mission is simple. Try before you buy! Each packs contents will have enough to jumpstart your fitness and get you motivated to continue making gains! It's our goal to make you feel knowledgeable, confident, and ready to enter in the fitness world and triumph so you make this a Lifestyle and live healthy for your family, friends, and most importantly – yourself!!

How we came to be…

Our President and Founder, John Ireland lives an active lifestyle. Prior to being our President and Founder, he served honorably for over 8 years in the U.S. Army, with two combat tours to Iraq. John left the military to enter public service once more as a law enforcement officer in the great state of Colorado. He has always surrounded himself with fitness enthusiasts and would often find himself in the middle of conversations regarding which supplements were the best for gains and which ones weren’t. John wanted to create something where people could test out supplement products before committing to an expensive, full size container that may or may not work because, let's face it, everybody’s body reacts differently to supplements.

In early 2015 Super Gains Pack was established in order to educate, motivate, and push people into the fitness community confidently and willingly. The goal continues today in helping many around the globe make fitness not just a priority, but also a LIFESTYLE. Super Gains Pack gives back to the Wounded Warrior Battalion an d Junior Achievements of America.

Get on board and crush those goals
to make super gains possible.