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Meet our friendly Ambassadors! Click on their social media links to watch their fitness videos, learn about their motivation, drive, health journey, and discover new fitness & clean eating tips. See for yourself why Super Gains Pack is not just your basic fitness box and find out why it truly is the GREATEST fitness box on the market – It’s a Lifestyle…and a Family, so do it for the Super Gains!



Originally from Florida and now residing in Colorado, Cedric has turned towards a lifetime of fitness and has completed 3x marathons all over the nation and takes part in many fitness events, often competing against and crushing challengers almost half his age, proving that you needn’t be extremely young to conquer your goals, you just need to start! He truly exhibits the lifestyle and finds that Super Gains Pack is the way to go when trying to change up a routine and your body’s reaction to supplements.



Michael hails from Arizona and lives his dream daily to inspire others to live a happier and healthier lifestyle. He created an inspirational online coaching page called, Fitness Diaries where he spreads the gifts of not only fitness, but also life. His goal is to build a family that strives for greatness and who live their lives to the fullest – through encouragement, drive, vision, and of course, Super Gains!‬



Crystal is currently a Personal Trainer in Santa Maria, California and is a proud mother of 2 beautiful girls. Her motivation is to inspire as many women as possible to achieve their dream bodies and to build their strength because STRONG is the new SEXY. She would love to fulfill her dream of competing in a Bikini competition and is working hard towards making that dream a reality by training hard everyday to become better, physically and competitively speaking. She is a supporter of Super Gains Pack because she knows that it is one more tool that helps achieve the fitness goals we are ALL searching for.



Darrell is a certified Master Trainer from Greeneville, Tennessee and absolutely loves AND lives the fitness lifestyle! Darrell is 31 years young and has been training seriously for over 10 years with great progress since first embarking into the fitness world! He loves helping others achieve all of their fitness goals and feels just as great and accomplished as they do once they reach them. Darrell is a firm believer that through hard work, consistency, and dedication nothing is impossible. He encourages all to strive to be a better version of yourself every single day and in order to always make Super Gains!!!



Chris started his fitness journey in 2007 after falling asleep behind the wheel of a car. He went to a doctor and she suggested (disrespectfully) that he start exercising. Since that day, Chris has been all about health and fitness. It occurred to him that he had what it takes to become a certified personal trainer (CPT) on top of his already accomplished goal of obtaining a Bachelors degree in Allied Health Science from South University. On November 15, 2015, Chris accomplished his goal of becoming a CPT and continues his fitness and health goals while studying fitness nutrition and corrective exercise science. Chris not only lives and breathes the fitness lifestyle, but he exhibits it on a daily basis through his passionate support of those with like-minded fitness goals in making SUPER GAINS!!‬


Melissa Williams

Mel (Melissa) is 38 year young and has 3 sons. She's been the typical on again/off again person with fitness her whole life and is completely down to earth. She wanted to be "skinny" but didn't realize the huge difference between fit and skinny. 4 years ago while watching the Olympics Mel was in awe of the female runners and how fit they where and the lean muscle definition they had. Mel realized if she wanted to look like them that she had to commit and be devoted and committed to this lifestyle. Mel began working out regularly and eating healthy, based on what she knew regarding fitness and health. Mel hired a competition coach and quickly began to see the changes to instill an obsession. Since then, Mel has been training for a year and a half and is now a manager at GNC. In Mel's store most of her customers require education on supplements as well as how to workout and eat properly. She loves the location she works in because it allows her to educate and help people develop their plans and lives to better fit their goals. Mel believes Super Gains Pack is an awesome company, because it helps those new to fitness and those around fitness for a while to experience and try different and new supplements to help them in reaching their fitness goals before committing to the full size versions. Mel loves Super Gains Pack and looks forward to every box each month! She has her life together and so should you!

@fithealthyhappy_jay & @fhhlife

Jay and Meleah Braddy

Jay and Meleah live in Maryland, just outside of Washington, D.C. with their three children. They met four years ago and bonded instantly over a shared passion for fitness and health. Jay, who had always been naturally slim, had started lifting weights to gain mass, and Meleah was in the process of losing weight and has lost over 100 pounds to date. They developed a relationship while trading workout tips and cooking healthy meals together. They were married the following year.

They decided to take their interest in fitness to the next level and both became certified as personal trainers. Jay became certified as a strength and conditioning coach. Meleah also specializes in nutrition and became certified as a nutritional therapist and clinical weight loss practitioner. They started their own training and nutritional planning business, Fit Healthy Happy, and enjoy working together as a team as they help others to reach their goals. In their mission to bring fitness to the world, they believe in Super Gains Pack delivering motivating fitness experience each month for newcomers and those in the lifestyle for a long while!


Michael Dalton

Michael is a High School Spanish teacher, an NGA Pro Master's Bodybuilder, a published author, and a successful coach. He has been involved in fitness and has been a competitive bodybuilder since 1995. Michael believes very strongly in a sound mind within a sound body. To him, life is about balance in all things. Michael would much rather take an intellectual approach to fitness and is a voracious reader. All of his training partners have either been his former students or athletes and he strongly believes that coaching and education are connected in magnificent ways. Michael thinks everyone deserves the chance to hone their bodies and minds to a razor's edge. He is sponsored by Valhalla Labs and fitness clothing line company, Volition Apparel. Michael has recently embraced the fitness subcription box concept since it brings motivation and encouragement to those interested in taking charge of their health and lifestyle.


Michelle Melzl

Michelle is a 24 yr old Full-time CPT from New Jersey. She is also a full-time bikini bodybuilding competitor who competes in both NPC and OCB federations. She recently placed 2nd at her last show and is going for her Pro-Card before the year is over!! She currently works at NYSC in New Jersey as a Trainer, and owns her own fitness company ( through which she runs challenges, sells programs, and does online coaching/training. She is available to get your fitness life in order and on the right track if you visit her page.